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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"
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This project is slowly becoming an explanation of what it’s like after art school. 

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Paris-based designer Maud Vantours is a master at constructing incredible 3D sculptures and mesmerizing patterns out of paper. After carefully cutting out assorted shapes, she meticulously builds up layer upon layer, superimposing the papers to create intricate and colorful works of art.

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In these drawings, Mexican artist Ricardo Solis takes a fun and whimsical approach to depict the creation of Zebra, Giraffe, Leopard, Hippopotamus, and Pangolin with the help of tiny men. l Via

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Map of named colours by László Kozma

A visualization of ALL named colours, around 2600 names.

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Here’s the link if anyone want it!

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I see all your majestic gryphons on sketch_dailes and raise you a potoophon.

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succulents are your friends!

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For my studio art class, I have to create a project designed around ritual. I chose to have a ritual of recording my feelings in a journal each day until the project’s due date, pick a corresponding fabric square that matches my feelings for each day based on color, print, texture, etc and then sew them together in a quilt.

Looking over my emotions has got me unsettled. Like a boiling pot of water, things that I need to fix will keep rising to the surface until I do something. Reading entries I wrote previously isn’t helping.


figure 1: head drawings by Andrew Loomis, 1956

figure 2: women’s head designs can be generated by the same methods, they don’t have to all look very nearly the same

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first vis dev project of the semester done!!

we had to design an environment and character based on the original legend of El Dorado which was based on the initiation ceremony one of the rulers of the Muisca people called the Zipa. the Zipa would be painted in gold dust and dive into lake Guatavita [near present-day Bogota, Columbia], and then toss gold into the lake as an offering to their gods. one of the stories about the Zipa involved a serpent god of the lake and i took it and ran.

basically my Zipa is a bad guy who wants to make a deal with the serpent god for power in exchange for gold [i’m thinking my serpent is kinda like Smaug lol]. the fine print is that the Zipa is basically possessed by the god and turns into a monster. yay!

this was a super fun experience tho just because we had so much /freedom/ in terms of style and story and seeing this all compiled together is really neat to see how far the designs had come from their initial ideations, especially with the character. so much work for one character i never gave a name to haha.

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Tree of Life by Degree

One of my favourites! 

Holy fuck. The detail…

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