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Morgan Ashleigh. 22. INFJ. Philadelphia area. Illustration major. Intersectional Feminist. Black and Cherokee. Open-minded.

I post about things I like, including but not limited to art, music, cooking, human rights, science and history. I would be more than happy to be your friend.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"
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you guys win best shocked faces ok HAHAHAHAHAH


you guys win best shocked faces ok HAHAHAHAHAH

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Making Mirrors

Save Me - Gotye

And you gave me love

When I could not love myself

And you made me turn

From the way I saw myself

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Like Drawing Blood


Gotye|Hearts A Mess|Like Drawing Blood

Your heart’s a mess. You won’t admit to it. It makes no sense but I’m desperate to connect and you can’t live like this.


Music Video of the Day: Belgian-Australian singer-songwriter Gotye follows up his breakout hit song “Somebody That I Used to Know” with Michel Gondry-esque visuals for Making Mirrors’ lead single, “Easy Way Out.”


I’m such a sucker for stop motion animation.

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Eyes Wide Open-Gotye 

So this is the end of the story…

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Making Mirrors

Somebody That I Used to Know- Gotye

I’ve had this song on repeat all week. Such a beautiful sadness. Sounds like a one hit wonder from the 80’s.


and that we were nothing