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Morgan Ashleigh. 22. INFJ. Philadelphia area. Illustration major. Intersectional Feminist. Black and Cherokee. Open-minded.

I post about things I like, including but not limited to art, music, cooking, human rights, science and history. I would be more than happy to be your friend.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"
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5. At what age were you the happiest?

The last time I was truly happy was when I was 6. My world was perfect. I had just gone to Disney World for the first time before kindergarten started. During an average school day, Mom and Dad would take me to kindergarten and, I’d go read books to my class. Then Mom and I would walk home from school. Mister Rogers, a tuna fish sandwich and a nap was what my afternoon consisted of. My Dad would come home in the evening and we’d read a book after dinner. There, in my room, wrapped up in a world of innocence, playing with my Barbie dolls, I had not the slightest idea of what my future would hold and what the world was like. My Dad was home a lot more in those days, and my parents fought a lot less back then. also, my Grammy was still alive then, she was one of my best friends back them.