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Hundreds of people know I’m gay. I just never made an official declaration. I never felt I had to wear a billboard on my forehead. But I’m gay. Get over it. I love it. It’s a great life.





Warning to all women using the OkCupid dating site/app; if you are matched with this guy DO NOT CONTACT HIM. He has raped two girls and assaulted several, and is known to stalk, harass, and abuse. Police have been notified but no charges were ever filed. Long story short he got away with it every time. If he shows up on your feed, do not answer his messages and please report him. He is extremely dangerous. Be careful. Please reblog to try and keep women safe.

This is really serious. He is the most disgusting and vile human being I have ever come in contact with. He is extremely dangerous and knows how to use his “charm” to his advantage. Please spread this around (especially if you know me in real life since he from my area). You could literally save someone’s life.

Hey South Central/Eastern PA friends who use OkCupid, I’m reblogging this for you. Watch out for this guy. 

Signal boost, trying to keep all my friends in the area and at school safe.

I’m not liking how people are thanking the governor of Pennsylvania for not appealing the ruling of a federal judge to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage. He didn’t not appeal it because it’s the right thing to do and he cares about same-sex couples and families, but because his reputation is shitty because of his decision to cut funding to education, and his involvement in the Jerry Sandusky scandal. He can’t afford it because he’s up for re-election.
He’s a shit head who only cares about himself and doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.


Reblog to congratulate Pennsylvania families on this exciting news! http://bit.ly/1gLAiLy

Fuck Yeah! A federal judge just struck down Pennsylvania’s ban on same sex marriage!
Cheesesteaks and Rubens for everyone!!!

Shove that in your blow hole Tom Corbett!


via Marissa Sargeant on Facebook:

This is my 14 yr old son who was brutually tortured By 2 Tully town officers he was handcuff but they say he resisted arrest that yall tazzed him in his face …not only that they took him to lower bucks hospital with out his mother consent they broke his nose n both eyes were swollen shut these prejudice cops need a rude awakening any one know anyone that can help my son please help they took him to the police station n told me I could not come up there but as a mother who loves her child I did Go to the station they would not let me n at all they talked to me through the door I didn’t see my son for tree days n the cops says o he’s fine we ordered him pizza really? Any one who can help me get justice please comment I’m torn mad angry just can’t deal # HELP

He lives right near me. anyone who says that there’s no racist people Suburban Philadelphia needs to open their eyes. 

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Reasons I’m ashamed to be from Pennsylvania.
Reasons I’m so excited for the next election.

Corbett said his “words were not intend to offend anyone”. “I explained that current Pennsylvania statute delineates categories of individuals unable to obtain a marriage license,” Corbett said in a statement. “As an example, I cited siblings as one such category, which is clearly defined in state law. My intent was to provide an example of those categories.”




Top Pennsylvania school officials sent racist and sexist texts

Two former high-ranking officials in one Pennsylvania school district are facing a criminal investigation over shocking racist and sexist text messages that were found on their work cell phones, authorities confirmed on Sunday.

In a statement to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan said that his office launched the probe after it received a transcript of the texts from district personnel.

An investigation by the Daily Local News found that the cell phone accounts were linked to former Coatesville Area School Superintendent Richard Como and former Director of Athletics and Activities Jim Donato. Both men had unexpectedly resigned during the first week of school in late August.

A timeline of events from the Daily Local Newsshowed that the text messages were sent in June and a copy was provided to the school board in August after being discovered by the district’s IT department.

According to the paper, “the school board was made aware of the text messages and was prepared to allow Como and Donato to remain in their positions until the transcripts were leaked to the Chester County District Attorney’s Office, prompting a criminal investigation.”

In a transcript of the text messages obtained byDaily Local News, one of the men suggests that all African-Americans should have the N-word for their last name.

“All should have whatever first names they want… then last name is N*GGER!” he wrote. “Leroy N*gger, Preacher N*gger, Night train n*gger, clarence n*gger, Latoya n*gger, Thelma n*gger and so on.”

“Hahahahahahahahhahahahaha could have a whole homeromms of N*gger!” another message said. “Hahahahahahaha! Will N*gger report to office, pardon the interruption but will N*gger report to nurses office. N*gger to lunch now!”

One message complained that there was “no f*cking way that ape banged that white piece? WTF is going on with these white pieces taking n*gger cock! Me no understand!”

The men also apparently used their work phones to have a long, racist and sexist conversation about the Miss USA pageant.

“OMg! N*gger OUT!” one man wrote when as an African-American contestant was voted off. “WTF SKINNY B*TCH. Give good head! Trumped!”

Other texts contained slurs about Jews and Arabs.

On Sunday, about 80 people had gathered at the historic Bethel A.M.E. Church for the 75th anniversary celebration of the local NAACP chapter on the same day that news of the investigation broke.

Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello told the group that the incident was “not a reflection of our character.”


Love how the school was ready to keep them in their jobs until this ‘leaked’. Love how this “isn’t a reflection of anyone’s character.” These old racist fucks are not in the minority. They are not the unpopular opinion crowd. There are people like these men in every institution. They are making fun of children - specifically Black children - and their employers and surrounding peers find nothing wrong with it at all.

And we have no choice but to send our babies to those schools, where these are the “educators” who have sworn to serve them.

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I’m so done with the republican party in Pennsylvania. When can we vote them out?




Racism is dead, tho’.

Four thousand children.

Four thousand children.

Four thousand children.

Sent to jail to make this horrific criminal rich.

Jesus fucking christ.  At least he’ll rot.

This is it, y’all. This is what we are talking about when we speak of unfair sentencing, higher rates of convictions, lower rates of appeals, the school-to-prison pipeline of Black youths/people. He ruined* 4,000 lives. For what? Some money? ‘Cause Black bodies are dispensable, only valuable in terms of the all mighty dollar.

4000 babies sent to jail


Their lives were ruined by this man

Their lives were thrown away and it was all done for him to make a dollar.

Because Black bodies are to be used like currency in this country since its inception.



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Wow. Fuck you Pennsyltucky. I can’t wait until these house republicans are out of office.

The county I live in is going to issue Same Sex marriage liscences! We’re pretty liberal, and its a step in the right direction. The real fight will be getting all of Pennsylvania to allow same sex marriage. Next stop, Philadelphia county.


You’re apparently not allowed to speak against “God’s Law” on the floor of the Pennsylvania state house. What a bunch of ridiculous, insane people.

Because all of the politicians in the seats in PA are from the middle, aka “Pennsyltucky” and the like and are part of Gov Corbett’s posse. I can’t wait to vote Corbett out. Brian Sims is such a kick ass guy and doesn’t deserve this. I wish there were people there to chant “Let him speak” as they did for Wendy Davis.

But this is the state I live in folks. Can’t wait to leave.


I am so happy for them, and I wish them the best. Oh Garcia, appearing on the news and stuff

Ahhh! This is my professor! She’s such an amazing woman and her and her wife to be are such an amazing couple. I wish the best for them


Country Road, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

photo by George Tice, 1961

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