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Morgan Ashleigh. 21. Philadelphia area. Illustration major. Intersectional Feminist. Black and Cherokee. Open-minded. Currently dating a great guy.

I post about things I like, including but not limited to art, music, cooking, human rights, science and history. I would be more than happy to be your friend.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"

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I had such a good time with my boyfriend this weekend. He slept over and had the apartment to ourselves and really got closer emotionally. Our dynamic was much more upbeat and euphoric. I think we both needed it since lately we couldn’t hang out, and when we did it was for a short period of time. We just cuddled and talked for hours, watched Spirited Away, and made dinner. He helped me pack my things because the semester is ending. Before he left, he told me that I was the best thing that ever happened to him. I teared up and choked on my comments about how this was such a rough semester, and he helped keep me level headed and positive, stood by me, and loved me, despite me knowing that I needed it or not. He got me through some weeks. The promise of seeing him each week kept me going.

Its the 1 year anniversary of myself knowing about his existence, as my best friend talked to him on okcupid and told me I might like him. A few weeks later, he messaged me and I started corresponding a month later because I was terrified. Now, I can’t imagine that I had that fear before. I would have missed out on such a wonderful person if I didn’t force myself to talk to him.

I wake up every day, so happy that I’ve found him.

Why are people a constant source of disappointment for me? I wish I could live without them.
I hate conflict.

For the first time in a while, I am content. Not stressed, or happy necessarily, but content.

I’m afraid to age.
Not because of the aches and pains in my body
Or the aches of losing people.
But because society will disregard me and throw me out like restaurant trash simply because I’m older.
And this will mean me doing the same with my self respect.


There is no hurry for love. For love is like a tree that slowly reaches up to the sky while the roots firmly grow into the ground. For love does not happen overnight, it takes time and the best kind of love is the one that slowly seeps into all aspects of life like how rain permeates through every…

You’re from my past. And a dark part. I never thought I’d be talking to you again or that you’d care. I’m glad I did. Every time we talk, it’s just like old times but better. But you really care and understand me. The same goes for you. You’re so interesting; I just want to know you and care for you and be with you. You always make me smile.
I knew I saw something beautiful in you when we first met six years ago, and it was your kindness.
I can’t wait for the summer.

Seasons change

Why do I fall for all your games
I’m hoping that I will stay the same

Had an amazing night with some of my best friends. They’re such good people and they just make me so genuinely happy. I wish we could spend more time together but that’s just how life is going from here on out. When your soul connects with someone else’s, it’s a feeling you can’t explain. Hurts like hell that I probably won’t be able to see them until this time next year.


is it even possible to like somebody more than kanye likes kanye

I wanted to see if there was a “hipster music tag” just for shits and giggles. Turns out there is one. The people posting on it are referring to the music as “Hipster/Indie/Underground” and have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about, hence why they labeled the music as such. 

In a really shitty mood. What is wrong with me?

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One of the saddest things is looking at old photographs and realizing how much things have changed.

This world is really hurting. Seems like things get worse each day. That’s why I’m determined to do what I can to make the world better for myself and others. I get so wrapped up in it and serious, though.

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My African Americans in the media class is turning me into a true anthropologist, or just a really annoying analyst. I’ve learned how to analyze people by the language they use. For example, this one girl posted about her spring break abroad on my university’s facebook page, stating that," a herd of Asians took pictures of me and my friends thinking we were celebraties."

Why did she use the word herd? She didn’t have to use that. Why not say group? Because she most likely sees them as inferior because they were foreigners, they were not the same race as her and because of this, she automatically assumed they were not as smart as her and had to be doing something foolish. They could have been taking pictures of the dumb Americans as far as she knows. And the fact that she used the word Asian to describe them instead of using their specific ethnicity or not using those categories to describe them, shows how different she thinks they are from her, and she’s grouping them away from her by using this word. The thing is, she doesn’t even know that she feels this way. If I said she thinks that they’re not as good as her due to their nationality and race, she’d automatically deny it and say, “I’m not a racist.” it because it’s what society has told her to do. But she doesn’t know that the media, and other stupid people like herself, have given her these beliefs without her knowing. Not everyone who uses wording like is like that, but it’s pretty likely. Ive seen it more often than not in people.
I see too many of these beliefs in people. From people all over tumblr trying to convince others that wearing headdresses is not offensive, to the way that people like that girl, and even my friends use language that portrays what they really feel. The insensitivity needs to stop. If only everyone could take this class I’m taking, it’s a real eye opener and has made a change in me for the better.